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Kandein Kadhalai Movie Preview
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Starring: Bharath, Tamanna, Santhanam.
Direction: Kannan
Music: Vidyasagar
Production: Moserbaer
Money is not everything; finds out a young man who has inherited a business empire. Love is everything; thinks a simple girl who is pining to meet her lover. The two meet and change each others’ lives unknowingly. Life is strange; first it makes one lose all hope and then provides the most wonderful gift, a person to love. Kandein Kadhalai tells the story of two people who found love when they least expected it.

A remake of the Hindi blockbuster, Jab We Met, starring Shahid Kapoor and Kareena Kapoor, Kandein Kadhalai is a belated Diwali release. Written and directed by Imtiaz Ali, Jab We Met was an instant success with audiences across the country with its simple treatment of an endearing romance. R. Kannan (Jayam Kondaan fame) tries to recapture the mellow magic in Tamil. Kandein Kadhalai is bound to be noticed for the uniqueness in the way the romance takes form. A good portion of the movie
  Kandein Kadhalai
is on the road as the two travelers (one with a destination and the other just enjoying the journey) get to know each other closely.

Jab We Met was in the limelight for the obvious reasons. When it was released in 2007, the Shahid-Kareena pair was the hottest in Bollywood and everyone was looking forward to their first hit together (they had failed in quite a few previous attempts). The chemistry absolutely sparkled on screen and elevated the film. And, it was Kareena who walked away with all the plaudits for a stellar performance of a bubbly and vivacious (sometimes excessively) girl who turns somber after destiny hands her a raw deal. The Bharath-Tamanna chemistry too will have to be spot on for the film to click with its audience.

A huge element in any romantic flick is its music. Jab We Met got one of the finest scores from Pritam which was a craze amongst the youth. Vidyasagar seems to have created a potential chartbuster album which can add strength to the movie. And, from what we have seen in the trailer, the movie will include something similar to the super hit ‘Mauja Mauja’ audio from Jab We Met.

All in all, Kandein Kadhalai, we know, has got the basic stuff to vibe with the youth at the box office. Come Friday, we will know whether the team of Kannan, Bharath, Tamanna, Vidyasagar and Santhanam (for the lighter moments) can recreate the magic of the original.

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