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Jaganmohini Movie Preview
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Starring: Namitha, Raja, Vadivelu, Nila.
Direction: N.K. Vishwanathan
Music: Ilayaraja
Production: Murali Cine Arts
Everyone has heard this name at least once before. It was a cult film of the late 70s and early 80s. Now, in keeping with the trend of remaking yesteryear blockbusters and that of the recent horror successes, here comes Jaganmohini, re’vamped’ and restyled for 2009. If it was Jayamalini in 1978, it will be Namitha in 2009 that will play the temptress who is out to wreak havoc in the lives of many people.

The original movie is remembered for many reasons. The rise to stardom of Jayamalini, the first widespread use of visual effects on a large scale for many of the horror scenes and the fact that it did manage to upstage many of the big films of those days. The director of the original, Vittalacharya is still known as the master of the genre in which witches appeared as beautiful women, attracted their prey, had their revenge and disappeared in a big plume of smoke.

This remake of 2009 too suggests something similar but more contemporary. There will be traces of the old school horror which no doubt can be enjoyed even today if handled properly. There will be plenty of special effects to add to the viewing pleasure.

Of course, whenever Namitha does the lead role in a movie it has got to have some amount of glamour. Jaganmohini certainly will have its dose of glamour. Apart from Namitha, there is also Nila. Both ladies are doing perhaps what will be the most important roles of their careers and what comes best to them- Oomph! Jaganmohini is the first time they have been given the responsibility of carrying the story on their shoulders.

With the tag of being the successor of a cult prequel, Jaganmohini comes with the potential to grab attention. Like way back in 1978, it may upset many a big star’s apple cart even today.

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