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Interview Team : Kaushik L M

Right from the time she made an appearance in films, she has been noted for her really cute looks. Her extraordinary dance skills opposite Simbu in Kaalai, and later her performing abilities in Bala’s Paradesi further cemented her position in Tamil cinema. We are talking about the sweet and svelte Vedhika, as she gets ready for the release of her dream project Kaaviya Thalaivan. In this chat with Behindwoods, we discover more about Vedhika’s persona. 

How has the Kaaviya Thalaivan experience been? 

Kaaviya Thalaivan comprises a fantastic cast and crew. The acting talent in the movie is immense be it Siddharth, Prithviraj or Thambi Ramaiah Sir. The crew is equally fantastic with Rahman Sir, Nirav Shah and editors Praveen – Srikanth. I am very happy to be doing this film as it is my most challenging and difficult role. I would say it is even more challenging than Paradesi.

Kaaviya Thalaivan is a period film and it would be very colorful. Nirav’s work is exceptional and the film will be a visual treat.

I had a nice working experience with the entire team. Vasantha Balan is a very cool, passionate film maker and he guided me well. He is patient and extracts the right work from all his artistes.

I am lucky and fortunate to be a part of an A.R.Rahman film twice in my career.

I would say Kaaviya Thalaivan is even more challenging than Paradesi.

Bala and now Vasantha Balan, How has it been working with such brilliant directors?

Both Paradesi and Kaaviya Thalaivan have been great experiences for me. Paradesi was a special movie as the role was in total contrast to what I am in real life. Bala Sir placed a lot of confidence in me

Working back to back with such great directors who have such a special niche place and share such passion for films has been memorable. Both are wonderful people too.

Their working styles are different. Vasantha Balan Sir gives us scope to improvise while Bala Sir knows what exactly he wants. But I got good freedom from both the directors.

After Paradesi, your career seems to have gone to a different level

The Paradesi experience was a learning process and working with Bala gave me total satisfaction. I take great pride in doing the film and undertaking that journey. I was just so engrossed with doing the film that I didn’t think about the impact that it would create among the audience. I am nevertheless pleased about the response to the movie and it has given me a new lease of life. I have received two awards for Paradesi so far and it feels great. But the first award for me was when Bala Sir decided to work with me and selected me.

When I did films like Kaalai, people just thought that I was a great dancer but when they saw and enjoyed my performance in Paradesi, it must have been refreshing for them.

The first award for me was when Bala Sir decided to work with me and selected me.

Now that you have shined in content-oriented films, will you go back to the commercial kind of cinema? 

I am always open to commercial cinema as they are comparatively easy and my body language can be close to what I am in real life. I can be myself in such films and it is relaxing to do these films. My Malayalam debut Singara Velan was a proper commercial blockbuster and I really enjoyed doing the film.

Looking back at the kind of films you did before Paradesi, do you have any regrets? 

I don’t believe in undoing anything in my life. All experiences are important and I won’t erase any of them. Everything happens for a reason and I have learnt a lot. Each of the films that I did before Paradesi is close to my heart and all of them had great teams. I can’t disregard all these films.

I worked hard in all these films but audience’s verdict is not in my hands. I worked in 5 Tamil films before Paradesi and Paradesi happened at the right time.

There are a lot of fans for the songs in Kaalai and for my dance moves in them. After seeing Paradesi, my fans felt that she can do performance oriented films too and were pleasantly surprised by my variety.

I can’t disregard all the films that I did before Paradesi

How have your fans shaped your journey in tinsel town? 

I have received a lot of support and encouragement from fans. In FB, I have an official page and there are more than 1 million likes in the page in just about a couple of months.

In Twitter, there has been a lot of interaction and feedback and the encouragement and push from fans is so selfless. I am grateful to them for their support.

I am now doing my bit for society by supporting causes which have a social impact such as ‘Chennai Turns Pink’ and the polio eradication campaign. I am balancing out my films with such events and interaction with the public and fans.

There are more than 1 million likes in the page in just about a couple of months.

What next? 

I have finished my portion for Kaaviya Thalaivan and am eagerly waiting for the music launch and the film’s release. I have had no breaks for the last year and I am careful now and not in a hurry to sign new films. But I am in talks for one Tamil film, 1 in Telugu and 2 in Malayalam. They are all interesting films but I have become choosy after Paradesi. I have to be 100% excited about the project, only then will I be able to push myself. I am doing movies for passion and not for money. I always wish to deliver more than what is expected and will never be satisfied with what I have done.

Best wishes Vedhika. We hope Kaaviya Thalaivan takes your career to new heights.



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