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Interview Team : Tamil Dharani; Balasaravanan

Sub- Editor Tamil gets hold of Nandita Swetha ahead of the release of Puli...

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Call from Puli Team..

Firstly, when I got a call from the team, I was not surprised because even before they approached me, wherever I went people were questioning me if I was working in Puli and also about my working experiences with Vijay. However, when the team actually approached me, I accepted it only after I was satisfied with my character and my portion in the movie.



This is my first big budget movie. I was very happy being part of this movie and to work with such a great hero. I was very cautious on the spot while working with Vijay but he made me very comfortable as it was not like what I had imagined and it was the same as the other movies I had worked on. The portion where I share screen space with Vijay is the most important portion in the movie and I cannot reveal more than this.



Many say that Vijay is very reserved but to me he was totally opposite. Vijay was a surprise! He speaks to everyone on the set and he also appreciated my work. Most importantly, I felt very comfortable working with him.

Vijay was a surprise! 


Nandita in Puli..

I can’t reveal anything about my character, but I can assure you that my role is very different from the roles I have done so far. My character will be distinct in terms of looks, costumes etc and people would love the sequence where I appear and they will be sentimentally attached to my character.


Chimbu Deven..

He is very silent on the sets. One of the talented and sensible directors I have ever come across. He knows what he exactly wants and gets the perfect outcome from each actor.

He is very silent on the sets.



From my very first movie, I don’t have any insecurities because I give importance to whatever roles I do and concentrate on my role. I basically work on catching the audience eye. I love experimenting and living my character on screen and I am happy about that.

 I basically work on catching the audience eye.


Idam Porul Yaeval..

I play a girl in a village who is very bold and daring to do anything. I worked extremely hard to get hold of that character. It is one of the toughest roles I have ever played in my career. I was really satisfied doing that role and I am expecting the film to release soon.

It is one of the toughest roles I have ever played in my career.


Uppu Karuvadu..

When I got a call from director Radha Mohan, I was really surprised to hear him explain my character in the movie because he is a very sensible director and all his movies are my favourites. In fact I told Jyothika that I was jealous of her that she did Mozhi. She just laughed and encouraged me.


This movie was like an IAS exam for me. I have to read all those lengthy dialogues and I worked a lot to make myself look darker.

 I told Jyothika that I was jealous of her that she did Mozhi.


Girl next door..

Sometimes I feel bad but sometimes I feel proud that not every actor can be called like this or look very natural without any makeup. I am happy to play these kind of roles because playing a commercial heroine is quite easy as we can easily get into that sort of character.


Glam doll..

Hoping for such a role in the near future. In Kaathirinthor Pattiyal, I don’t play the usual paavada thavani role, you can expect a different Nandita in it. My only expectation is the confidence from the director and I am ready to do any kind of role. In Anjala I am the hero of the movie!


Rapid fire..

Sivakarthikeyan – Silent, funny and kind of reserved


Vishnu Vishal – Easy going, positive and enthusiastic


Attakathi Dinesh – Good friend


Vijay Sethupathi - Natural





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