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Interview Team : Kaushik L M

Lovingly referred as ‘Kutty Kushboo’ by her numerous fans and well-wishers, Hansika has come a long way in her short but happening career as a lead actress in Tamil. Making her Tamil debut in 2011, she has made huge strides over the past 3 years to emerge as one among the topmost heroines today. With her recent Maan Karate making all the right impressions at the box-office, Hansika has notched up another success. In a quick chat with Kaushik, the ‘Nei Kozhandha’ talks us through her career and what one can expect from her upcoming films.

Almost all your films in Tamil have been successful. But are you happy with the kind of roles you have played in all these films?

I am very happy with the kind of roles that I have been playing and I don’t think I could have asked for anything better. I am very happy with whatever I have in my kitty and whatever I have done till date.


What, do you feel; does the audience expect to see from you in your films?

I think fans love that bubbliness in me and they also expect some glamour in my roles. I try to keep these factors in mind when I pick up any new script.


Physically, how did your bring about such a stunning, marked transformation?

(laughs) It was a general decision and I really wanted to lose weight. I have been dieting a lot and the results have been there for all to see.


Tell us about the role which is closest to your heart and the movie which you wish to forget in a hurry?

To be very honest, I don’t wish to forget any of the roles that I have done till now. And the upcoming Aranmanai is the one which is closest to my heart. 


What can we expect from Aranmanai, Romeo Juliet, Meagaamann and your other future films?

All my upcoming films are completely different from each other and also any of the films that I have done till now.

Aranmanai is something totally different for me and I play this very simple and humble Tamil village girl who has some special powers. The body language was pretty difficult for me to pull off.

Rome Juliet is a very cute rom com and it is about two individuals in love, who are completely contrasting in their characters.

In Meagaamann, I play a self-centered girl who thinks very highly of herself. I am happy with the variety that I have and all these films are completely different from each other.

The body language in Aranmanai was pretty difficult for me to pull off


Are you looking for radically different roles in the coming years or will you stick to bubbly, sweet lover girl roles?

Choosing ‘bubbly bubbly bubbly’ roles isn’t something that I planned. It just happened. But audiences can look forward to some variations in my upcoming films.


Will you go back and complete your portions for Vaalu, if called?

I am a very professional person and I have nothing against the film. I will give my dates if asked and complete my part of the work if called. But it’s just that Vaalu keeps getting cancelled again and again. I have provided my dates about 9 times in the past few months or so but they weren’t used properly.

I am a very professional person


You have worked with many big personalities. What next? The directors and stars that are on your wish-list?

(laughs) I am a very very greedy person and wish to work with all the new directors, the legends and all the actors around in the industry.


Your favorite co-stars? 

I am very close to all the actors, co-stars that I have worked with and share a good rapport with them all. I don’t wish to mention any one particular name as that wouldn’t be fair and right.


What do you say is your greatest asset as an actress?

I am not insecure at all. That is the biggest asset that I have, according to me. I am a content and secure person. If something has to happen, it will happen.


Have you moved on completely from the controversy surrounding your love life? How did you handle it?

I don’t wish to make any comments about that episode now. 


Any place for romance, love and marriage in your life in the near future?

I have no time for marriage or romance in the near future. But I do believe in the concept of love.


How important is philanthropy to you? Any major plans of expanding your already extensive charity activities

My philanthropic activities aren’t meant for publicity. I wish to keep that private and it’s something that is very close to my heart.

Hansika also wishes to remind her fans and the industry that no one is authorized enough to discuss her film dates with any producers or production companies except her mother. This is in the light of recent events where some unauthorized people from the industry had been referring themselves as the self-proclaimed managers handling her career. She made it clear through a recent press release that she doesn’t hold any accountability and responsibility for such unauthorized activities of these unauthorized people.

We wish you the very best, Hansika. Keep rocking.



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