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Interview Team : D Meera Chithirappaavai; Ameenuddin

Ahead of the release of YNK and after a seemingly endless wait to get hold of him, the hunky Aadhi chats up with newbie Meera on what to expect from the film and also about his experiences and travel with his co-actors. Read on to uncover …

An elaborate conversation with your dad to convince him to produce YNK ?

Yes ! Basically we are not producers. Our entire family has been involved in the creative side of filmmaking. Not all good creators make a good producer. My dad always saw himself as a good creator, never as a producer. When my brother decided to make a film in our home production, my dad was reluctant about this decision. All that I did was, I instilled the confidence in my dad. As I have mentioned earlier in many interviews, my brother has excelled in academics from the time of his schooling. Later when he left to States for his filmmaking course, the American government aided him with a yearlong scholarship for the same. He is the first Indian to receive an award for the short film that he made during his course. With all these highlights, I said that we must support Sathya as nobody can vest their trust on a person more than his own family. That is how we got into producing YNK.

I instilled the confidence in my dad

The Pros and Cons of acting in a home production ?

I think there are only cons in acting in a home production (laughs) generally because there are a lot of extra burden that crawls up your shoulder. Like, if any artist is not on time, any misfire in planning, glitches in programming the shoot and many more such tensions tend to bother you, no matter what. Even if I decide to put down my feet and say I will not trouble myself with these production issues and will concentrate only on my performance, everyone in the set will get misleading hints about the production and myself as they know that this is a home production. But I must say that YNK did not give me any tensions like that as everything fell in place. Cooperation from artists like Pasupathy anna, Nassar sir and all the other artists must be appreciated. The shooting spot seemed like a family outing. I enjoyed it thoroughly.

YNK did not give me any tensions

While having a close look at the movies in your career, they can easily be categorized into two groups - commercial films like Ayyanar, Aadu puli & bridge films like Mirugam, Aravan. Which category will YNK fall into?

YNK is an interesting mix of both these categories. It is based on a real-life incident which has lot of commercial elements. On the other hand, lot of experimenting was done in the process of filmmaking. For me commercialism in films does not mean smacking 1000 guys down, a movie is commercial if it can attract the masses. With a nice blend of commercial elements in a real life incident, YNK will sure be a film that the audience can connect to.

For me commercialism in films does not mean smacking 1000 guys down

Is it a conscious decision to shuttle between both the categories or it just happened?

It is definitely a conscious move. Not that I fix on what I want to do, just that I carefully select among the offers that come my way to make sure that the characters are not repetitive. I do this mainly because by playing a particular role, I start living that character’s life. Personally I wouldn't prefer to live the same life again. This attitude even shook my dad initially but now I think he is happy with what I am doing.

This attitude even shook my dad initially but now I think he is happy with what I am doing

In the previous interview, your brother Sathya said that he saw Aadhi as a performer more than a brother... What do you see in your brother?

It was very advantageous to act under my brother’s direction, mainly because there was no wastage of time to break the ice. He knows me so well that he knew what comes to me naturally. Usually my only motive while going to any shooting spot is to go as close as possible to the director because only then will you start getting a hold on the nuances of the character as sketched by him. This process was easier in YNK and what I loved about my brother as a director is that he never forced anything into any artist. He let the performers be the character in a particular situation.

How much did the professional training of your brother aid the production? How different was his approach when compared to other directors you have worked with?

Every director has his own definition for directing, similarly every actor has his own definition for performing. I found him very organised, meticulous in his approach. His determination and conviction towards his skill is evident in the fact that he got a person like Mithun Da, who seemed to be skeptical about Tamil cinema, on board for an important character.

Talking about Mithun Da, your experience in sharing the screenspace with a stalwart like him ...

An enriching experience indeed. The biggest people in this world are the simplest human beings! This was so evident while I worked with legends like Superstar Rajini sir and Mithun Da. We tend to picturize them too big that they seem so less approachable, but the fact is that they are buddies when you work along.

What took me by complete surprise is Mithun Da’s dedication and commitment towards his task. In between shots, he used to write his dialogues in Hindi and practice them to achieve the right pronunciation. He used to call my brother to ask what his character would eat, what clothes the character will carry to decipher the complete character sketch. For a strong character like Muthaliyar, he just brought all the intensity through his eyes. To achieve such excellence in my acting skills I have to act more than twenty films with him.

To achieve such excellence in my acting skills I have to act more than twenty films with him.

All the promotional posters carried designs that looked like Nikki was almost roasting you ! So how was it with her, on and off screen ?

(Laughs)... Nikki was so in character that she used to roast me even off-screen. YNK’s love episodes are different from my previous ones, as they demanded me to be cool, fun and happy. I had to be easy with my approach. Our combination has worked out really well and the entire credit goes to the way the characterization was set by my director. We had endless fun fights, at times people in the location wondered what went wrong between us because we stayed so much in character. I love teasing her and her rejoinders for the same are funnier. She is such a cool and grounded girl. Nikki is so my types.

Nikki is so my types.

Why follow the trend of singing a girl-bashing song ?

It was not intended to follow any trend. Just because everybody is having songs like these we cannot avoid it when it actually needs to be done for a demanding script like this. Both Nikki’s and my characterization are designed in a manner such that a song like “Sokkana” cannot be avoided and adds more value to the narration. In fact you will understand the need of the song when you watch the film. Accidentally, I ended up singing the song and I am glad that the audience have amicably accepted it.

“Sokkana” cannot be avoided 

YNK's trailer has definitely raised the expectation meter. Did you foresee this response from the audience ?

Our initial motive while we decided to make this film was not to create a buzz or make a sensational movie. All we wanted to do was a genuine film with a nice story to tell. Keeping this in mind, the director cut the trailer and it ended up pulling the audience closer. We are thrilled by the response we have received for the trailer both here and in Andhra Pradesh. I am keeping my fingers crossed and hope they love the movie too.

Give a movie's name that best describes the following co-stars!

Nikki – Hum Tum
Mithun Da - Baasha
Nasser – The Pink Panther (For the sense of humor he holds)
Pasupathy – Aravan (That role was so tailormade for him)
Richa Pallod – Frozen (She is a doll)
Aadhi – Mirugam (Laughs... ) (He seems to like "Desi swag")

Your closing note to the audience who await to watch YNK ...

YNK has no hero or villain. It is a situation driven script.The audience will see how characters react in a way good/bad to a particular situation. They will definitely not see stars or actors but will witness real life characters.

YNK will also remain unique for its perfect blend of commercial cinema with realistic elements. Now we give it onto the audience’s court to tell us if it has worked or not. Having said this, I will proudly claim that as a team we are glad that we have made a good film, and its success will only be an extra brownie point.



Wishing a huge success to Aadhi and the YNK team!



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