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Actor Aadhi talks to Behindwoods on his debut singing experience..

A promotional single track - Sokkana from Aadhi’s upcoming movie Yagavarayinum Naa Kaakka (YNK) was released a few days back by Think Music.

Sokkana is a simple feel good break up song for which actor Aadhi wielded the mic for the first time. The video does have some interesting attributes; especially the VFX part looks very colorful and pleasing to watch.

When Behindwoods spoke to the dashing actor on his debut singing experience, Aadhi replied

“I used to go for Carnatic classes when I was a kid; it still doesn’t mean you can call me a Carnatic singer though. But since then I never tried to refurbish my singing skills until Sokkana came by my way.

It was an instantly attractive and addictive tune; I kept humming it again and again. I knew they were going to use a temporary voice for the track version; why shouldn’t the voice be mine?

So I sang the rough version thinking it would be replaced by a professional singer later. In fact we later shot for the song with my voice. I kept pestering my brother (Director Sathya Prabhas) on who would be replacing my voice urging to know if at all they would retain my version.

The director was certain that he was going to retain my voice but he wanted it to be a surprise to me and he never revealed it to me, until 15 days before the release of the single.

Now we are pretty happy with the response. We have been approached by many television channels asking for the exclusive video footage of the song before the actual film’s release. Hopefully we shall be releasing the video by the mid of June.”



Actor Aadhi talks to Behindwoods on his debut singing experience..

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