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By Nidharshana | May 26, 2020 07:17 PM

A woman from Los Angeles was spotted wearing a bikini which was made of masks. She had used those masks which are used as protective gears against the novel coronavirus.

Woman Protests Against Covid restrictions by wearing Bikini

She was identified as DaVida Sal, a performance artist. She called it to be the ‘New Abnormal’ in her Facebook post. She wrote, “My new #artivism since last time I was behind the camera with my super Artivist siSTAR twin Julianne. If the MASKS work, WHY the 6 feet? If the 6 feet works, WHY the Masks? If BOTH work, WHY the LOCKDOWN? Please share your thoughts about the meaning of these images, what are they representing for you. We would like to hear from all of you. Now more than ever we must express ourselves with the brilliance we were created to be."

"The Social Media wholesale censorship of so called ‘indecent thought’, because it conflicts with the tyrannical deep state’s rigid parameters of what is and isn’t allowed is the very essence of ‘hate speech’. The term hate speech, just like the term ‘Conspiracy theory’ are Deep State mind control terms designed to demonize independent thinking. The very term ‘hate speech’ is a deplorable insult to the First Amendment,” she added.

"The deep state is slowly trying to replace the Constitution and the Bill of Rights with terms, catch phrases , and mind control mass programming right out of George Orwell’s very important , and cautionary books. The new terms, ‘Social Distancing’, and particularly, ‘wrong think’ are right out of an Orwellian nightmare revision of America’s constitutional rights and guaranteed freedom. Don’t fall for it! Don’t let them get away with it," she said.

However, her post has received multiple reactions from the general audience.

"People where I live are dying, Karen. Protecting the most vulnerable people in our population is the right thing to do. Wearing a mask is not difficult,” read one comment.

Another user has commented, "I don’t know who needs to hear this- but automatically doing the opposite of what scientists tell you isn’t “thinking for yourself"."

அரசியல், விளையாட்டு, நாட்டுநடப்பு, குற்ற சம்பவங்கள், வர்த்தகம், தொழில்நுட்பம், சினிமா, வாழ்க்கை முறை என பலதரப்பட்ட சுவாரஸ்யமான செய்திகளை தமிழில் படிக்க இங்கு கிளிக் செய்யவும்      



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