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By Vaishvedhidha | Jul 29, 2019 09:47 AM

Nathalie Birli, a 27-year-old cycling champion of Austria and mother of 14-week-old son, was kidnapped by a man in a delivery van while she was training near her home.

Woman kidnapped, released after complimenting his garden

She has explained the ordeal she went through in a Facebook post which she explained was like a "bad movie". She claimed that she was "hit, beaten, caught up and brought to a small house off the road."

Speaking to  Kronen Zeitung, an Austrian media, she explained that he hit her with the vehicle and she fell and broke her arm. Later he hit her in the head and tied her using an electric insulation tape and took her to an isolated home when she was unconscious.

“When I came to (consciousness), I was naked and tied to a chair in an old house. The man said: ‘If you do what I want, you’ll be free tomorrow’," she said.

He forced her to drink alcohol and threatened to drown her in a tub full of cold water. Meanwhile, her partner called police after she didn't return home from training.

Her fellow athletes could not find her and she felt that she was far away from home where nobody could help, reports The Sun. She noticed that the house was filled with orchids. So she complimented him. All of a sudden he became nice to her and he opened up about his past.

"He said he was a gardener and he told me all about his messed-up life — that his father had died, that his mother had become an alcoholic and that his girlfriend had cheated on him."

That's when she offered a deal - to let her go and that she would call it an accident. He agreed and dropped her off in her home. She suffers from a fractured arm and a head injury caused during kidnapping. Reportedly, police used the GPS tracker on her bike to arrest the man.