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By Vaishvedhidha | Jun 14, 2019 06:31 PM

A 11-year-old was playing with her friends near her home in Zuangtui locality in eastern Aizawl of Mizoram on Monday when an unknown girl joined them.

11-year-old girl saves 7-year-old girl from kidnapper

However, the next day, policemen visited the area the next day in search of a girl who had gone missing from a village in Lunglei district, reports Times Now.

The girl informed the police of the girl she had seen the day before and that the girl in the picture was her. The policemen advised her to inform them if she spot her again.

But the girl decided to go look for her and strolled in the streets. She finally found her and the alleged abductor, later identified as 31-year-old Zonunsangin Fanai, at a house.

Sensing an opportunity, the girl lifted the kid on her back and started running towards her home, said the DIG. When the woman saw them, she ordered her to stop and even threatened to harm her. However, she continued running and after reaching home, told everything to her parents.

Her parents informed the police and the woman was arrested and the 7-year-old was rescued.