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US gunman kills 4 children, commits suicide.

According to reports, four children aged - one, six, 10 and 11 - were killed by a gunman who killed himself as well in Florida on Monday. The man held the children as hostages at an apartment in Orlando from overnight on Sunday through Monday. A police officer was also shot and is in critical condition in hospital.

While the gunman’s phone had sporadic service, police tried to stay in contact with him. While offering a phone to him, officers found a body of one of the children. While they tried to rescue the other children, they heard a boom at around 9 pm, say reports.

The police reached the spot on Sunday night after receiving a call from a woman who accused the gunman, identified as 35-year-old Gary Lindsey, of hitting her. Lindsey was a felon on probation for arson and other offences. Of the deceased, while two children are Lindsey’s, two belonged to the woman who called the police.



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