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By Nidharshana | Jul 23, 2020 01:41 PM

In a shocking statement, the United States’ top Republican Senator said that it will take an Indian 195 years to acquire his/her green card.

us greencard 195years waiting list for indian immigrants visa

Immigrants use the Green Card as evidence to be granted the privilege of residing at the United States as a permanent resident. While a large number of Indians are settled in the U.S. the lag for acquiring a green card is so long that it is impossible for anyone applying currently to acquire it in their lifetime.

"Someone from India entering the backlog today would have to wait 195 years to receive an EB-3 green card. Even if we give their children this limbo status, none of them will have a prayer of becoming a US citizen," Lee Durbin said on the Senator floor.

"Green cards are critical in the lives of so many who are here on temporary work visas. The backlog puts families at risk of losing their immigration status as they wait year after weary year to finally make it through this green card backlog," Durbin said.

"Our bipartisan agreement would add critical protections that were not in the original bill for immigrant workers and their immediate family members who are stuck in the backlog. They would be able to switch jobs and travel without losing immigration status. And children of immigrant workers would be protected from aging out so they will not face deportation," he said.

His suggestions would make three vital changes. One being providing immediate protection to the immigrants, followed by creating a green card set aside for immigrant workers who are unable to “early file” because of being stuck in the backlog overseas. Finally, they would end the abuse of H-1B temporary worker visas by prohibiting companies from hiring additional H-1B workers.

"While we continue to debate the best way to fix the Green Card backlog, let’s make sure that no children of the affected families are harmed or deported. Just that simple. I offered a new bill, very simply stated, to protect children of immigrant workers act. This brief three-page bill would ensure that children do not age out while waiting for a Green Card," Mr Durbin said.

"Imagine if you brought your children to the United States, worked on an H-1B visa and your children are waiting for you for the Green Card, you are paying for them to go to college because they don't qualify as American Citizens for any type of federal financial aid. You're making great sacrifices for them and then the day comes when they reach the age of 21 and they can be deported and your family divided," he said.

"Why would we want to let that happen?" Mr Durbin asked.

"That's why I wanted to offer this specific single provision. There is no reason these children should be punished for a broken immigration system. It's not beyond our control to help them," he added.

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