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By Nidharshana | Jul 23, 2020 12:28 PM

Glenmark on Wednesday announced that the Phase-3 clinical trials of Favipiravir has helped mild and moderate novel coronavirus infected patients to recover. The company released a statement regarding the same.

glenmark favipiravir antiviral drug human trial coronavirus cure

This is by-far reported as the fastest clinical cure for coronavirus. This medicine has been helping in completely clearing the virus load. India Today reported that patients who were provided with Favipiravir recovered 29% faster than those who are receiving the “standard supportive care.” This data was finalised after observing 150 patients who were on trials.

Glenmark’s statement read, “Results from the Phase-3 trials showed improvement for the primary efficacy endpoint with 28.6 per cent faster viral clearance in the overall population as measured by the median time until cessation of oral shedding of virus in the Favipiravir treatment arm compared to those in the control arm.”

Further, the statement read, “Patients in the Glenmark Favipiravir clinical trial received Favipiravir tablets for up to maximum of 14 days, along with standard supportive care. Randomisation was stratified based on disease severity into mild (90 patients) and moderate (60 patients).”

The drug was well-tolerated with not many Serious Adverse Events (SAEs) or deaths.

“One SAE occurred in the control arm and resulted in death due to worsening clinical disease and acute respiratory distress syndrome (ARDS) attributed to Covid-19 infection. Adverse events were reported in 26 patients in the Favipiravir treatment arm (35.6 per cent) as compared to six patients in the control arm (8 per cent). However, most adverse events were mild to moderate and none led to drug discontinuation or dosing adjustments.”

“Patients randomised to Favipiravir seemed to have faster clinical cure, and more importantly, faster viral clearance than those randomised to the routine care group,” a primary investigative doctor said.

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