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By Dharani | Sep 02, 2019 04:34 PM

A 16-year-old girl from United Kingdom accidenatlly and miraculously saved a teenage boy's life after he fell down on her back from a cliff knocking her over.

Teenage Boy Falls From Cliff Onto Girl in United Kingdom

Reportedy, the girl, identified as Lana Holt was sitting with her friends and family at Port Gaverne near Polzeath. All of a sudden a boy fell on her back from the top and knocked her over. She hit her head on a rock, but fortunately she was wearing a helmet. Collision with Holt acted as cushion for the boy, though he ended up with severe fractures. A lot of blood was oozing out from his foot and he was screaming in pain as soon as he fell.

“I had only sat there for a minute or so when the boy fell onto me. I didn’t hear him fall but I heard him hit me and the ground. I got pushed forward on impact and somehow ended up on my back and hit my head on the rocks, luckily I still had my gear on which included a helmet, protecting me,” Holt was quoted as saying by Times Now News.

Holt left the spot stressed and panicked without speaking to the boy. However, later she felt like knowing how he is doing.