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By Dharani | Aug 19, 2019 09:16 PM

Relationships can be exciting until possessiveness and jealousy pops up. Together they play the ‘villain’ in most of the otherwise perfect relationships. Once they reach the saturation point, either of the couple, decide to dump the other and move on. A man from Florida has redefined the meaning of ‘dump’ with regard to relationships to a whole new level.

Florida Man Dumps Soil On Car With Girlfriend Inside.

Reportedly, 20-year-old Hunter Mills downed a huge mound of soil using a front-end loader on a car which had his girlfriend inside because he was angry that she showed up in someone else’s car to meet him and that she refused to answer one of his questions. The couple had a fight earlier and the girl visited him in his workplace to talk about it.

The incident was shared to Twitter by a user named Okaloosa Sheriff. “ Hunter Mills of Crestview wanted to talk to his girlfriend – but when she showed up in someone else’s car and wouldn’t answer a question, he used a front end loader to dump dirt on the 2010 Cadillac. Her window was down. He’s charged with  #felony criminal mischief,” the post read along with a few pictures from the spot.

Being shared on August 16, the post has since been liked by thousands. While most viewers criticized his immature behaviour, a few came up hilarious comments. “Well... that’s one way to end a relationship,” wrote one user. “Ohhh... That really was a quick thinking,” tweeted another.