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By Vaishvedhidha | Aug 07, 2019 07:15 PM

As interesting as Sushma Swaraj's political venture, India's favourite minister who passed away on Tuesday, is her love life. Widely called power couple, Sushma Swaraj and Swaraj Kaushal were couple goals for anyone wanting to grow old with the love of their life.

Untold love story of Sushma Swaraj and Swaraj Kaushal

Their love story started when they both met in college in Delhi while pursuing law. She was from conservative family, brought up in RSS background in Haryana. He was liberal, complete opposite of her ideologies. As they say, opposites attract; the duo fell in love.

They became lawyers in Supreme Court and worked as part of a team of lawyers who contested the case of George Fernandes during the Emergency days of the Indira Gandhi.

They married at height of Emergency on July 13, 1975. But marrying was not so easy. The two families objected for the match. But they defied it all and got married. She took her husband's first name as her surname. They have a daughter named Bansuri Swaraj, who also became a lawyer.

They are often seen talking about eachother on Twitter, at times even trolling eachother. In one instance when Sushma Swaraj told that "men should learn home science" and help around the house, Swaraj Kaushal quoted the article saying "bad times ahead," making fun of her. Even when a  follower asked Sushma why she was not following her husband while he follows her on Twitter, he replied "I have followed her for 45 years – Can’t change things now," adding humour. Kaushal, during an instance, told how despite having politics in one hand, Sushma Swaraj took care of his family and was deeply loved by his parents.

When she quit politics earlier this year he said that "he has been running behind her for 46 years" and that he "is not 19 year old any more" and expressed happiness. The couple was always seen holding hands and looking lovingly and smiling at eachother. Her husband and daughter saluted her as a way to give her their farewell.