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By Dharani | Aug 26, 2019 03:50 PM

American Pornographic actress Jenni Lee was discovered living homeless in Sin City’s storm drainage system by a Dutch TV crew.

Pornographic Actress Jenni Lee Found Living Homeless

Lee, whose real name is Stephaine Sadorra, said, “I used to be in Pornography. A little too successful, maybe. I actually got very famous. I should still be top 100 on some, you know, some list somewhere,” as per New York Post.

She, who  appears to be missing teeth and picks at her fingers with black-rimmed nails, says that living in the drainpipe is not as difficult as it looks. “Everybody’s really respectful. People down here are good to each other, which I don’t think you find much.”

According to the IMDb website, Lee worked as a model and appeared in TV commercials before stepping into the pornographic industry. She had acted in 105 films including “Jenni Lee’s Office Fling,” “Horny Hosts of Heaven,” and several installments of the “My Daddy’s Hot Girlfriend.”