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By Behindwoods News Bureau | Apr 16, 2019 06:35 PM

This incident is sure to shock and question yourself on how much humanity is left, after a young father from China left his daughter in a restaurant as he did not have enough money to pay for the meal. The incident took place in Foshan region of Guangdong in Southern China. 

Chinese Father Pawns Two-year-old Daughter to Restaurant As He could n

This inhuman video was caught on CCTV cameras and has gone viral on social media platforms, where the man decided to leave behind his own two-year-old daughter as he was falling short of 1 yuan (Rs 10) of the food that costs 6 yuan (Rs 62). In the horrifying video, the man is seen walking out of the restaurant as the girl cries loudly and run towards him. The father is also seen pushing the little girl back into the shop as he attempts to leave without her. 

According to Daily Mail, he told the restaurant owner that he would redeem the child the next day. "I am going to leave her here as a pawn. I'll come back tomorrow with cash and get her." After the child's father left the restaurant, the owner fed the crying child, "We sat the girl down in the kitchen and gave her a bottle of soy milk."   

According to a Chinese media report- Sothern Television Guangdong, as the restaurant owner couldn't find the man, they informed the police regarding the issue. The man later returned to the place and was shocked that his daughter was not there. The man then went to the police who gave him a stern warning for his act.

Meanwhile, Huang Zhenyu of the Shunde district police said that, "The man insisted he wasn't abandoning his daughter and was just trying to get some cash. It took him a long time to return because his electric scooter ran out of battery and he had to wait for it to charge".

Watch the video below: