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By S Vikram | Aug 06, 2019 09:20 PM

It is not quite often that we see strange things happen for people who actually believe in safety and caution.  A number of flight-crashes during landing and even while flying above into the air had terrified passengers around the world. Recently, a BAT has alarmed the passengers inside the flight in the US. The incident happened into Spirit Airlines flying from Charlotte, N.C., to Newark, N.J.

BAT scares the passengers into Spirit Airlines flight, US

Reportedly the ‘BAT’ had terrified the passengers last week within 30 minutes post the departure of the flight. “It is believed the bat started its journey in Charlotte, flying into an overhead bin while our crews were doing overnight maintenance,” a Spirit Airlines spokesman was quoted as saying by Fox News.

In the video, a woman is seen looking through the passengers' cabin and a fast pan leads to the discovery of a ‘BAT’ flying above the heads of the people. A lot of passengers can be heard screaming out of fear. The voices like “Oh my god”, “ It’s not a bat, is it?” hover around while the bat does its part of terrifying the passengers.

Later, it was reported that the ‘BAT’ was caught inside a restroom and taken away by the help of animal control officers once the flight landed at the destination. The Spirit Airlines aircraft was then disinfected and searched completely. The Spirit Airlines statement had confirmed that no one was hurt in the incident including the bat.  According to the CNN US report, a similar incident happened on a Delta Flight in 2011.