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By Vaishvedhidha | Jun 28, 2019 01:14 PM

A lab based in United States has released a report which alleges that top brands of processed iodised salt sold in India use harmful carcinogenic components, reports Times Now.

Indian table salts can cause cancer claims us study

The product manufactured by these premium iodised salt brands contain potassium ferrocyanide, a cancer-causing component, in alarming levels said the report by American West Analytical Laboratories. 

The reports further say, Sambhar Refined Salt, Tata Salt, Tata Salt Lite among others have been identified in the report.

Chairman of Godhum Grains and Farms Products, Shiv Shankar Gupta on Thursday told media outlets in Delhi he has launched a mission to rid salt of harmful substances and will expose corrupt practices employed by the salt industry and help provide a healthy and safe natural variant of salt to the masses.

Gupta went further to allege that the carcinogenic component used to make idoised salt by leading manufacturers causes cancer, high blood pressure, hyperthyroidism, kidney failures, obesity and even impotence.

"Declaring salt from these salt pans, which is naturally suited for human consumption, as inedible is one of the biggest scams in post-Independent India. This is one of the worst cases of corporate greed and corruption with the livelihood of workers in the indigenous salt industry at stake," Gupta told news agency IANS.

However, Tata Chemicals dismissed the allegations as "totally false and misleading" and said that potassium ferrocyanide content in its brands is "well within permissible limits" and is "safe and harmless" to the human body when consumed as per approved levels, reports Economic Times.