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By Vinershea | May 21, 2020 04:53 PM

Amid this coronavirus outbreak and rise, world's two biggest tech companies- Apple and Google have come together to fight against the deadly virus. 

apple google launch coronavirus tracking tool detailed report

They have launched a software that will allow public health authorities to create a mobile applications that will notify people when they come in contact with someone who's been diagnosed with COVID-19.

"Starting today, our Exposure Notifications technology is available to public health agencies on both iOS and Android. Today, this technology is in the hands of public health agencies across the world who will take the lead and we will continue to support their efforts," Apple and Google said in a statement.

Highlighting about the tool, if an individual downloads and enables a contact tracing application on his phone, he would receive an alert if he is exposed to anyone who is diagnosed with or likely to have COVID-19. 

Both the companies in their statement asserted that digital contact tracing is meant to argument traditional human-to-human tracing, not replace it. 

As per abc news, the purpose of contact tracing tool is to help public health authorities trace the spread of the virus. Currently, some government agencies were working on their own apps, even before Google and Apple announced they were working on the software on April 10 but those apps didn't work properly because of restrictions. 

Meanwhile, state and federal governments can use it to create contact tracing apps that citizens can download via Apple's App Store or the Google Play store.

Photo Credit: Fox Business

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