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By Anumaggie | May 11, 2022 07:16 PM

The incident where a woman has been living as a man for 30 years to raise her daughter has come as a surprise.

Mother transformed like father to raise her daughter in Tuticorin

Siva Pillai hails from Mudivaithanendal area of ​​Thoothukudi district. He was married to Pesiyammal from Sokkalingapuram area. On the 15th day after the marriage and the birth of the child, Siva's child died unexpectedly. From there, Pesiyammal moved in with her baby girl to the nearby Wild Dog Bar.

Following this, she was sexually harassed while looking after small jobs from there. And she thinks her child should not have to worry about not having a father. Thus she decided to look like a man and started wearing clothes like a man. This protected her from sexual harassment by men. She also changed her name to Muthu.

Later, she went to many towns due to poverty and has been doing business. At that time, Pechiyammal did not present herself as a woman, but as a man. That is why many call him 'Annachi'.

After that, Muthu, who came to Thoothukudi, cut an unrecognizable size for the villagers, dressed in a shirt and presented himself as a man with a cropped head. Muthu has been with the same look for 30 years. Nicknamed the "Master", he was nicknamed the "Muthu Master" because he worked in a tea shop and a parotta shop.

She has been living as a mother and father to her daughter for more than 30 years. After the death of her husband, a woman disguised as a man lives to raise a child.

The death certificate was not purchased when the husband died. She also did not receive any widow's financial assistance or old age pension as her Aadhar card had the same male name as Muthu. Now that she is old, she is no longer able to work as she used to and the Muthu Master has made a fervent request to the Government to help her get this pension.




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