The complete timeline of Vishal's RK Nagar election controversy
  • The review of nomination papers of the RK Nagar bypoll began at 11 am on Tuesday (December 5) at the EC office in Tondiarpet.
  • Actor Vishal who had filed his nomination earlier on Monday arrived at the EC office and was assigned with token number 72.
  • At 2.30pm, the review of Vishal’s nomination came under consideration.
  • However, his nomination was put on hold stating irregularities in his nomination papers.
  • There was commotion as information spread that Vishal’s application was put on hold and the EC announced that the process will resume at 3.30pm.
  • But it further got delayed and the process began at 5pm.
  • At 5.40pm, word spread that Vishal’s nomination in RK Nagar election was rejected as two of the 10 signatures submitted in his application were falsified.
  • Furious by this, at around 6pm, Vishal walked out of the EC office and staged a protest on road. “There is no justice here. Why can’t youngsters contest in elections?” he asked.
  • Later, police held talks with him to pacify the actor. After which he was taken to a separate room and was assured that his demand will be heard out.
  • Vishal claimed that he had evidence to prove that there was a conspiracy behind the rejection of his nomination.
  • Soon, an audio clip of an alleged conversation between Vishal and Velu (one of his proposer’s husband) began to do rounds on social media. In the audio clip, Velu is heard talking to Vishal on the phone, alleging threat by supporters of AIADMK leader Madhusudhanan. Following which, his wife submitted a letter stating that the signatures in the nomination papers do not belong to them. He reportedly submitted this as evidence to the EC.
  • At around 8.00pm, Vishal held talks with the EC officials and pleaded with them to reconsider their decision.
  • After which, he addressed the media outside and said “Justice has prevailed. My nomination has finally been accepted.”
  • At 8.28pm, Vishal tweeted, “After much struggle, my nomination for the RK Nagar election is finally accepted.... Truth Always Triumphs !! #JusticeServed #DemocracyPrevails”
  • Following this, there was much celebration by Vishal and his supporters.
  • Later at around 11pm on Wednesday, the Election Commission gave out an official clarification stating that Vishal’s nomination was rejected on grounds that two of the 10 signatures submitted in his application were invalid and the evidence submitted by him couldn’t be accepted as they couldn’t ascertain its reliability.
  • Disappointed by this, Vishal spoke to the press at his residence and said the rejection of his nomination is a ‘mockery of democracy.’
  • The next morning at around 2.53am, he tweeted, “5th Dec 2016, #Amma died, 5th Dec, 2017, #Democracy died.... #SadReality #RIPDemocracy.”

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