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Shocking turn of events: What really happened in Vadapalani murder

The recent murder of a 23-year-old woman, Gnanapriya sent shock waves across Chennai as it happened in one of the busiest areas of Chennai - Vadapalani.


The police have arrested the woman’s husband, Balaganesh, a temple priest in Vadapalani Murugan temple after he confessed to killing Gnanapriya.


Initially, Balaganesh staged a drama saying that he went out to attend nature's call when two unidentified men attacked him before dumping him in the toilet.


Apparently, when police took him to a hospital for first aid, he blacked out in the ambulance. As doctors advised, police did not ‘reveal’ to him the death of his wife thinking that it might affect his health. Later, after knowing that his health condition was stable, police informed him of his wife’s death. He cried inconsolably and took his wife’s body to his native in Kanchipuram to perform last rites after post-mortem procedures.


However, police grew suspicious as they did not find any unidentified men in the CCTV footages that they checked in the nearby areas. They waited for Balaganesh to return from Kanchipuram.


When police grilled him after he returned to Chennai on Monday, he admitted to have murdered her. He said that she humiliated him for being impotent.


The couple moved to Chennai three years ago to get Balaganesh treated for infertility. The accused reportedly told police that her abuse was getting harsher day by day and she started humiliating him as being unfit for her education wise as well. While Gnanapriya was a graduate, Balaganesh is a Class VI drop-out.


Police are reportedly suspecting that he might have been contemplating the murder for a while as their neighbours have seen him with a rope on April 1.


On April 3, Balaganesh killed her by hitting her on the head with a hammer as she yelled at him. He called Manoj who is also a priest in Vadapalani temple and hatched a plan to make it look like a home invasion-cum-murder.


Manoj and Balaganesh tied the hands of Gnanapriya. Later, Manoj tied the limbs of Balaganesh, hit him in few places to make him look like he was attacked and locked him up in the toilet.
Both Manoj and Balaganesh will reportedly be remanded to judicial custody.



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