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Sharon Plywoods turns Solar powered for Environmental Responsibility

The leading plywoods manufacturer - SHARON PLYWOODS has joined the distinguished list of responsible factories that are going the solar way. Since the industrial revolution, factories have been among the biggest consumers of energy due to their mass scale and high volume of processes centralized in one location.


Harnessing the energy from the sun is ideally suited for industries that have peak work during the day. When a factory’s energy use is at its peak, a solar system will equivalently be at peak production whereas, at night, the facility requires little energy while the solar system is dormant.


India is increasingly looking at the solar option to cut its dependence on thermal power and diesel consumption. The country has a very ambitious target of installing 100 GW of solar power by 2022, out of which 40 GW is expected to come from rooftop solar projects. Sharon installed capacity of the solar-paneled captive power plant is 1056 KV that will save around 1.5 million units of power a year. Though a small drop in the ocean of Government's target, these small steps by the private sector is what is going to help the country be energy positive.


Since its inception in 1987, Sharon Plywoods has been at the forefront of many innovations and pioneering ventures. The first plywood manufacturer to have been awarded the ISO 9002 and also ISO 14001 certifications, it also has the unique distinction of being the only manufacturer to export quality plywood to Japan, and many other developed countries.


Sharon Plywoods offerings have delighted and thrilled its customers down the years. Sharon Plyuwoods has many environment friendly initiatives to its credit.


- Though Plywood is made out of wood, Sharonply saves up to 95% of 'Prime wood' by using plantation wood with cutting-edge technology that makes it much stronger.


- Sharon Plywoods has distributed nearly 40000 saplings so far.


- For years Sharon Plywoods has been providing biodegradable bags to Aringar Anna Zoological Park known more popularly as Vandalur Zoo in Chennai to replace the plastic bags that the visitors carry inside the zoo.


- Sharon Plywoods has implemented many environment friendly campaigns like 'Colours of Earth'.


- On environment day Sharon Plywoods launched a contest inviting ideas to fight plastic pollution.


Sharon Plywoods factory is located in Gumudipoondi, India. The factory is situated on a 50 acre land with the total building area is about 8, 00,000 Sq. Ft. Solar panels are Metrology oriented, the system is DG synchronised with reverse EB protection and with the data logger giving them the data for analytics resulting in precise monitoring. India expanded its solar-generation capacity 8 times from 2,650 MW in 2014 to over 20 GW as of 31 st January 2018. With more and more responsible corporate citizens going solar, there is light at the end of the 100 GW tunnel.



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