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By S Vikram | Aug 27, 2019 09:38 AM

The leader of Naam Tamizhar Katchi (NTK), Seeman delivered his usual style of speech to challenge potential political scenario in Tamil Nadu at a recent event in Kanchipuram district. The video of his speech was released by Polimer in which he says "Like Vijay replaced Rajini in Cinema, Athi Varadhar replaced Tirupati's Venkatachalapathy".

Seeman compares Vijay with Athi, Rajini with Venktesh

It is a known fact that Seeman did not form an alliance with any of the political parties in Tamil Nadu as none of them gel with his Tamil Nationalist ideologies. Since the inception of NTK, he had been campaigning against the existing political parties by accusing against their exploitation and allowing other state people to infiltrate in Tamil Nadu which in turn affects the people of the homeland.

In more than one instances, Seeman had expressed his opinion of Rajinikanth siding with BJP. Therefore, he strongly criticizes Rajini's moves at regular intervals. In the recent speech at Sunguvar Chathiram General Body Meeting in Kanchipuram, Seeman compared Aathivaradhar with Vijay and Rajinikanth with Venkatachalapathy.

Further, he added that he is ready to face Rajinikanth once he officially enters politics. "As Vijay says in a movie, I'm Waiting," said Seeman.  Seeman also referred to Vikram's film "Kandhaswamy" in which the lead character helps people by the donations acquired through temples.