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By S Vikram | Sep 19, 2019 09:48 AM

The news, 'Schools will function normally across all the places in Chennai' might just because of morning calm weather. On September 18 (Wednesday) Chennai received a great deal of evening rain which sustained until mid-night along with thunderstorms and lightning before calming down with moody cloud and drizzles in the early morning.

Chennai rains sep 18-19, thunder, lightning, pics, videos

While the residents of Chennai might have experienced yesterday's total control of continuous rain and other factors, there were some of the people who shared interesting pictures and videos on Twitter.

One has to really tap his or her senses often to believe the picture shared by a twitter user, Sasikanth Manivannan who said it is 1:45 am. He captioned the picture as "Can't believe one plus captured it perfectly. Pic took at 1:45am dark night" (sic).

He also added, "Minnal Velicham" (Lightening) to specify the time of the picture which looks like day time. Though it is clear that he had uploaded the picture yesterday night, there were some replies which did not accept the time of the picture.

Another microblogging site user shared early morning picture of lightening. "Morning 3 am power of lightening". (sic).

Chennai Rains had really turned up the interests of people to take their mobile camera and shoot some rare instances like the one who shot the morning hazy dark clouds. The guy captioned the video as "Video taken from my house overlooking Elcot SEZ !! Fangs of the dark cloud !!!" (sic).

There is also another video uploaded by a guy who captured the flooded streets. The guy wrote, "For one hour rain Chennai is on..#Chennai #chennairains".

In an unfortunate event, a woman was reported as dead by News7 as the wall of her house collapsed due to rain.