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By S Vikram | Sep 16, 2019 05:53 PM

In today's technological world, it could be hard to get away from any kind of fraudulent activities. Even a small charge against somebody that is liable of filing an FIR gets digitally recorded unlike old paperwork storage and the record just needs a click to identify his or her past life.

Chennai man married 7 women, encounter specialist fake

But it looks like criminals always find a way no matter what, like the recently arrested 42-year-old Tirupur resident Rajesh Prithvi. Well, it is not his original name, though. He used the name Rajesh Prithvi to create a fake identity as an encounter specialist, a businessman who owns a telemarketing firm in Chennai, Job consultant and on top of that, the husband of 7 women. The list does not end here as he had been charged for 6 other sexual assault cases against women. He also acquired 30 lakh from various people promising them to get medical seats in different colleges.

Reportedly Rajesh Prithiv's original name is Dinesh. Being a class 7 dropout, Dinesh had lured women saying that he shot down two top criminals as an encounter specialist. Then, he used his photograph wearing a police uniform and cheated several women by misusing the fake police identity. According to TOI, Dinesh has 6 polygamy cases (marrying multiple women) against him in Trichy, Coimbatore, Tirupur, Tirupati and Kalahasti.

His criminal activities came into light when the parents of an 18-year-old girl filed a complaint against Dinesh aka Rajesh in Egmore police station. It is said that Dinesh established a telemarketing company on Nelson Manickam Road, Chennai in 2017. The 18-year-old girl was employed in his office and went missing on June 30. The police acted upon the complaint with their initial investigations.

The girl was found in Nochipalayam in Tirupur on September 9 while her parents filed a habeas corpus petition in the Madras High Court. After a few days, Dinesh visited the girl's home and claimed that he had married her and they should be allowed him to take her with him. The twist alerted police and they arrested Rajesh aka Dinesh.

While the entire story unfolded it was also revealed that Dinesh created fake Aadhar card, Pan Card, Voter identity and driving licence in the name of Rajesh Prithvi. Further investigations were rolled out on the case and police expect more complaints would be raised against him in the coming days. 

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