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By Sushmetha | Apr 04, 2022 07:16 PM

Last year, the Chennai Super Kings defeated Kolkata to win the trophy for the fourth time in the final of the IPL series in Dubai.

Ravindra jadeja about dhoni advice for csk bowlers

However, in the 15th edition of the IPL this season, Chennai have lost all three of their matches.

Chennai team stumbles in batting if they perform well in bowling. Similarly, if the batting is good, there is a risk of losing both bowling and fielding.

In the match against Lucknow, Chennai team lost by 210 runs due to poor bowling. During the match against Punjab, Shivam Dube was the only Chennai batsman to score a half-century as Chennai chased down a target of 181 runs. No one else went out in succession without adding a big run. As such, the Chennai team is not a consistent one, and is met with a great deal of fan criticism.

Earlier, two days before the start of the IPL, Dhoni stepped down as captain of the Chennai team. Jadeja has been appointed as the new captain of the Chennai team. Despite the announcement of Jadeja as captain, many former players, including Ajay Jadeja and Parthiv Patel, have accused Dhoni of acting as captain on the field and leaving Dhoni to lead Jadeja.

Similarly, in the match against Lucknow, Shivam Dube, who bowled the 19th over, scored 25 runs to lead Chennai to defeat. Some criticized that this was Dhoni's decision. Meanwhile, Jadeja, the new captain of the Chennai team, has made some comments about it.

"I needed to have a good fielder in the deep mid-wicket direction as I had to score more runs. I went there and could not talk to the bowlers with me. But, Dhoni advised them. He has good experience. Thus, we do not have to look for anyone else." .

Speaking about the series of defeats and captaincy, Jadeja said, "I have been informed about leading the team for the last few months. Thus, I have started mentally preparing myself. I have no crisis. I just carry out what appears to me.

If they win only one match in the T20 series, they can continue to perform better. We are looking for that one success. When that happens, everyone on the team will start playing better.

In the next few matches, we will work hard and try to succeed in our projects. "According to Jadeja, Dhoni has decided to step down as captain a few months ago.

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