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By Anumaggie | Apr 04, 2022 02:21 PM

The youngster has eloquently said that he played cricket without even a house and got a place in the IPL series.

The unheard story of Mumbai Indians player Tilak Varma

The 15th season of the IPL series is going on in full swing. So far 11 league matches have ended. The game is looking exciting as a total of 10 teams have clashed since this year. Similarly, many young players are playing aggressively and attracting the attention of many.

Tilak Verma, who has been playing for the Mumbai Indians, is emerging as the star of the team. A native of Hyderabad, he was part of the Indian Under-19 team that recently won the World Cup. He was also picked by the Mumbai team for Rs 1.7 crore in the IPL mega auction for his outstanding performance in local matches.

The unheard story of Mumbai Indians player Tilak Varma

Accordingly, he gave a good start by scoring 22 off 15 balls in the first match played in the IPL series. Following this, during the match against Rajasthan, captain Rohit Sharma, Pollard and other leading players were out in a row, he played casually and hit 61 runs off 33 balls to grab everyone's attention. So he is currently the main player in the Mumbai team.

Tilak Verma has eloquently shared about his family background in this situation. He said, "Growing up, we’ve had a lot of financial difficulties. My father with his meagre salary had to look after my cricket expenses as well as my elder brother’s studies. In the last few years, with some sponsorship and match fees, I could just about take care of my cricketing expenses."

The unheard story of Mumbai Indians player Tilak Varma

“We don’t own a house as yet. So with whatever I have earned in this IPL, my only aim is to get a house for my parents. This IPL money gives me the luxury to play freely for the rest of my career,” he added.

“The day the IPL auction was going on, I was on a video call with my coach. My coach started tearing up when the bids kept going higher. After I was picked, I called up my parents. They too started crying over the call. My mother was struggling to get words out,” he continued.

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