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By Sushmetha | Apr 04, 2022 10:27 AM

Chennai Super Kings lost to Punjab Kings yesterday (03.04.2021) in a thrilling match.

ravindra jadeja backs ruturaj after defeat against punjab kings

With just two days to go before the start of the 15th IPL series, Dhoni has stepped down as captain of the Chennai team and Jadeja has been appointed as the new captain.

Following on the Chennai Super Kings' defeat to Kolkata in the first match, they suffered a shock 210-run defeat in the second match against the Lucknow Super Giants.

Following this, CSK faced the Punjab Kings team yesterday. Batting first, Punjab scored 180 for the loss of 8 wickets. Chennai continued to stumble from the start, losing only 126 runs in 18 overs. CSK have lost all three of their matches in the 15th edition of the IPL so far.

The reigning champions, Chennai, have suffered a string of defeats, causing great anguish among CSK fans. In particular, the form of a young player is a big question. Ruthuraj, who won the Orange Cup last time, has scored 0, 1 and 1 runs respectively in the series.

ravindra jadeja backs ruturaj after defeat against punjab kings

Although he drove roughly in the opening matches like this in previous IPL seasons, he proved his form in the subsequent matches. But fans have been putting forward criticisms as to whether that will happen all the time. Also, the question arises as to what his chances will be in the upcoming matches.

Speaking after the match against Punjab, CSK captain Jadeja said, "In the powerplay overs, we lost more wickets. "Everyone knows he's a great player, and he's sure he's back to his old form. We'll work hard and come back."

ravindra jadeja backs ruturaj after defeat against punjab kings

While it is certain that Ruth Raj will be given a chance in the upcoming matches, the fans' expectation is that he will look for a win for Audi and CSK as usual.


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