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By Vinershea | Nov 26, 2020 10:26 PM

Team India captain Virat Kohli recently criticised the latest changes by the International Cricket Council (ICC) in the rules to determine the finalists of the inaugural edition of the World Test Championship (WTC). 

viratkohli slams icc new point system for world test championship

As per rules earlier it was suggested that the two teams having the maximum points on the points tally would make it to the finals, but due to the break in the cricket events due to coronavirus pandemic, ICC changed the competition terms.

So as per the new rules, the teams will be ranked in the order of percentage earned from the matches contested.

viratkohli slams icc new point system for world test championship

Owing to this new change, Team India has dropped to second place while Australia are at the top of the points table. 

While speaking about the new changes being introduced, ICC Chief Executive Manu Sawhney said, “Both the Cricket Committee and Chief Executives Committee supported the approach of ranking teams based on completed matches and points earned as this reflects their performance and doesn’t disadvantage teams that have been unable to complete all of their matches through no fault of their own."

“We explored a whole range of options, but our Members felt strongly that we should proceed as planned with the first-ever World Test Championship Final in June next year,” he added.

viratkohli slams icc new point system for world test championship

Giving his opinion on the new rule system, Virat Kohli stated that this took him by surprise as it was a sudden call by the apex body, also there was no clarity was provided to the players. He further added that it would have been better if these changes were explained in the beginning. 

“It is definitely surprising because we were told that points were the matter of contention for the top two teams qualifying in the World Test Championship and now suddenly, it has become percentage,” said Virat.

viratkohli slams icc new point system for world test championship

“It is confusing and difficult to understand why, and if these things were explained to us from day one, it would have been easier for us to understand the reasons. It has happened out of nowhere. Further questions about this should be asked to the ICC and understand why this has been done and what are the reasons behind it,” he added. 

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