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By Vinershea | Dec 09, 2020 07:24 PM

During the final T20I match at the Sydney Cricket Ground, Australian wicketkeeper-batsman Matthew Wade could have been dismissed if Team India hadn’t missed out on a perfect DRS call. 

virat vohli opens up on matthew wade review that caused confusion

The Australian player added 30 more runs to his name and scripted Australia’s 13-run in the third match. Those 30 extra runs scored after a lucky reprieve due to a delayed DRS call by Team India. Post the match, Virat Kohli termed the late reaction as “unacceptable”.

“That LBW was a strange one, we were still discussing that if ball was going down leg side and decided to go for the review but umpire said nothing can be done. We decided to go for the review but the umpire said they have already shown the replay on the screen,” Kohli said at the post-match press conference.

virat vohli opens up on matthew wade review that caused confusion

“I had a chat with Rod (Tucker, the umpire) and said: ‘what do we do in this situation’ and he said ‘nothing can be done. It’s a mistake from TV’,” he further added. 

Talking about the incident, it took place in the 11th over when Wade was facing Natarajan's delivery. After the umpire ruled it not out, Team India after some time decided to appeal and the umpire signaled for DRS. But Wade then objected that the stipulated 15 seconds for taking a review were over and the decision of allowing the DRS was overturned.

virat vohli opens up on matthew wade review that caused confusion

“I thought from the management perspective, a message has to be passed that this can’t be done at the highest level because in a very important game, it can be very costly. It was a little bit of a miss from the TV guys upstairs and I am sure it won’t be repeated. No one wants to be in a situation where you lose out on a very important moment in the game” Kohli later stated. 

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