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By Vinershea | Dec 05, 2020 05:17 PM

During the first T20I between Australia and India, the Virat Kohli led team made full use of the 'concussion substitute' rule in Canberra.

sanjay manjrekar points breach in protocol on jadeja concussion

During the match, Ravindra Jadeja suffered an injury after which Yuzvendra Chahal walked in following a case of 'delayed concussion' with the southpaw. 

While the match referee David Boon allowed Chahal to be used as a concussion substitute, former India cricketer-turned-commentator, Sanjay Manjrekar, totally disagreed with it and also highlighted a 'breach in protocol'.

sanjay manjrekar points breach in protocol on jadeja concussion

There's no doubt that India worked within the rules of the game, but Manjrekar feels that why the physios didn't check Jadeja for a concussion after he was hit on the helmet while batting. 

"There is one important breach of protocol that has happened. I am sure the match referee will raise with India but one of the main things with that protocol, the moment you get hit on the head, they have to spend time with the batsman out there, asking how he feels, the physio has to come in and there are a certain set of questions that need to be asked. With Jadeja, it just happened, there was hardly any delay and he continued playing," Manjrekar told Sony Six on Friday.

"He added just 9 runs, it wasn't a massive advantage. But after that (hit), there should have been at least 2-3 minutes where India support staff should have come out. And then it would have looked a little more credible. I would say one thing though, David Boon had no choice but to give India the concussion substitute because he would not have the courage to say he wouldn't allow it because, at the time of impact, no attention was given. He had to give the concussion substitute once the request was made," he added.

sanjay manjrekar points breach in protocol on jadeja concussion

Further talking about the ICC concussion substitute rule, Manjrekar stated that this concussion substitute rule becomes the latest to draw attention towards its loopholes after the Jadeja-Chahal incident. 

"After this, there is going to be a lot of thought given to concussion substitute and the whole concept, because we, as players, there are rules made with good intentions, but we're masters at just trying to find a loophole in the rule to our own advantage. Whether India took advantage, I don't know but there's something that ICC will start looking at," Manjrekar said.

"You know what ICC or referee will have a problem with this is there was no visit by the physio, nobody came, no time was taken to see him, he carried on playing. While there's no official word from ICC with regards to the incident as yet, the apex body is expected to look into the matter and make it more robust," he also pointed.

sanjay manjrekar points breach in protocol on jadeja concussion

"What's going to come out of this is ICC having a close look at this rule, which has come for a good reason after what's happened in the sport. ICC will also make sure no team uses it unfairly, I am not suggesting India used it unfairly and got an unfair advantage. They want the like-for-like replacement. In this case, Jadeja, with the hamstring, is not the same bowler, as Chahal was," he finally concluded. 

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