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By Dhiraj | May 13, 2019 09:56 PM

In the massive IPL finals, Mumbai Indians won a nail-biting last ball finish. In such a big game with so much at stake, you can expect a few spicy moments in the match and there was one in the final over of the first innings.

Pollard fined 25% of his match fee

In the final over of the first innings, the second ball was bowled outside the wide line but since Pollard moved to the off side, it was not given as a wide.

The third ball was also not called as a wide in spite of landing outside the wide line and Pollard didn't take it well. He threw his bat up in the air in anger. The next ball he stood outside the wide line and then walked out just before Bravo bowled showing his anger. The Umpires straight away went up to him and had a word.

Following this incident, Kieron Pollard has been fined 25% of his match fee. The official statement said "Mr Pollard admitted to the Level 1 offence 2.8 of the IPL Code of Conduct for Players and Team Officials and accepted the sanction,"