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By Dhiraj | Mar 29, 2019 12:22 AM

With 41 runs to win from 4 overs, RCB was expected to win the game with AB Devilliers going really well. AB Devillers went on to get 18 runs of Hardik Panyas 18th over.  Bumrah then came back with a special effort giving just 1 run in the 17th over and 4 runs in the 19th over which meant that Mumbai had 17 runs to defend off Malinga's last over.

This controversial last over started off with a 6 from Shivam Dube after which Malinga came back well and didn't give away much. It came down to 7 to win off the last ball with Dube on strike. Malinga delivered the perfect yorker and Dube was not able to get a boundary. When Mumbai Indians started to celebrate, the replays showed that Malinga overstepped and the no-ball was not called by the umpire which could have been a huge game changer.

No ball controversy in the last ball of the RCB vs MI match by Malinga
Taking about this after the match, furious Kohli said " We are playing at IPL level, not club cricket. That's a ridiculous call. It's the last ball and the umpires should have their eyes open, was a no-ball by an inch. If it's a game of margins I don't know what's happening. They should've been more sharp and careful"
Rohit Sharma also mirrored Kohli's opinion saying that this is not expected at this level.
It is to be noted that this was not the first umpiring error of the day. In Bumrah's 19th over, there was a wide called which was clearly within the limits. Earlier in the first innings, a wide was called on the last ball of a Chahal over in spite of hitting Pollard's pads and he ended up getting out in the extra delivery bowled.