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By Shilpa | Feb 19, 2020 02:41 PM

Virat Kohli is setting himself up for a "rigorous three years" of playing every one of the three formats after which he may reconsider his workload in the midst of a "transition phase" setting in.

Is Virat Kohli Thinking of Early Retirement captain drops clues

The world's premier batsman is taking a gander at the " bigger picture " in Indian cricket with two T20 and one 50-over World Cup in the next three years after which he may choose playing two of the three formats.

"My mindset is on the bigger picture as I prepare myself for a rigorous three years from now and after that, we might have a different conversation," Kohli answered when inquired if he is having second thoughts about quitting at least one format after the 2021 World T20 in India. The captain was addressing the media ahead of the two-Test series against New Zealand beginning on Friday.

He didn't mince any words while conceding that fatigue and workload management are issues that should be talked about at all discussions.

"It's not a conversation you can hide away from in any manner. It is around eight years now that I have been playing 300 days a year, which includes travelling and practice sessions. And intensity is right up there all the time. It does take a toll on you," Kohli said.

Kohli agreed that periodic breaks have worked well for him. "It's not that the players are not thinking about it all the time. We do choose to take a lot more breaks individually even though the schedule might not allow you to. Especially from guys, who play all the formats."

"It's not easy being captain, having that intensity in the practice sessions. It does take a toll on you. Periodic breaks seem to work pretty okay for me. At a time where the body can't take anymore, maybe when I am 34 or 35, we will have a different conversation. For the next two to three years I have no issues at all," he said.

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