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By Dhiraj | Apr 22, 2019 10:06 PM

In the high-pressure game against the Royal Challengers Bangalore that went down to the last ball of the innings, the Chennai Super Kings lost by just 1 run chasing 162.

Dhoni about refusing singles in 19th over

The game was almost out of CSK's hands as they needed 26 to win off the last over, but MS Dhoni under pressure hit 4,6,6,2,6 of the first five balls and needed 2 to win off the last ball. But unfortunately, he was not able to put bat to ball in the last delivery as Parthiv Patel behind the stumps collected it and ran out Thakur.

After losing the game by one run, there were many debates about the singles that he refused to take in the 19th over when Bravo was at the non-striker's end. Dhoni's explanation to this was "T20 is all about taking risks, but you can still calculate. A lot of boundaries were needed. Right now you can calculate, one run there, two runs there and we just lost by 1 run, But you can also say we missed some boundaries".

Even looking at it in hindsight, it has to be said that Dhoni made the right decision. Although Bravo is a big hitter as well, he had been out of the action due to injury and hence might not have been in the best touch. Dhoni was also out there for a while and hence better set to clear the boundary. Keeping these factors in mind, he definitely did the right thing.

Coach Fleming also backed up Dhoni saying that the top order should have put the team in a better position but will never question Dhonis decision in the death overs.