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By S Vikram | Dec 02, 2019 09:25 AM

The final match of Syed Mushtaq Ali Trophy between Tamil Nadu and Karnataka was held in Surat, Gujarat. The last over of the game turned out to be on par with an International game. Needless to say, it had international players including Ravichandran Ashwin, Vijay Shankar and Murugan Ashwin. Tamil Nadu needed 4 runs to win from 2 balls and Vijay Shankar was on strike. R Ashwin stood at the non-striker's end.

Ashwin faces last ball in Syed mushtaq ali final KARvsTN

Vijay Shankar swept the ball over long mid-on and ran fast for the first run which was also completed by R Ashwin. Accelerated by the moment, they ran for the second run which ended the innings of Vijay Shankar at the wicket-keeper's end. Now R Ashwin moved to the non-striker's end while Murugan Ashwin took over the strike as the new batsman.

The stadium erupted to embrace the thriller with the Ashwin duo on the field. The last ball was set to be bowled and Tamil Nadu needed 3 runs of 1 ball. 

Murugan Ashwin was on strike who came down the pitch aiming for a big hit but missed, thus giving space for the ball to travel close to the stumps. The Ashwin duo managed to run only 1 run and Karnataka won the match by 1 run. Watch the final moments of the match below. 

Ashwin took to his twitter space and expressed his views on the crowd packed match in a series of tweets. One such tweet is given below. 

அரசியல், விளையாட்டு, நாட்டுநடப்பு, குற்ற சம்பவங்கள், வர்த்தகம், தொழில்நுட்பம், சினிமா, வாழ்க்கை முறை என பலதரப்பட்ட சுவாரஸ்யமான செய்திகளை தமிழில் படிக்க இங்கு கிளிக் செய்யவும்