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By Dhiraj | May 01, 2019 12:23 AM

Alex Hales who received a 21-day ban for using recreational drugs was recently taken out of the Preliminary Worldcup squad for England.

Alex Hales\'s management not happy with ECB removing him from Worldcup

This decision was taken by the England Cricket board to avoid unnecessary distractions before the big tournament coming up.

After this incident, Alex Hales's management team were not happy with the English cricket board since they had initially said that they would help in Alex Hales recovering and providing rehabilitation but assured that the world cup spot will not be in danger.

The management team stated "The ECB insisted on Alex taking certain rehabilitation measures following his suspension... at every stage, Alex fulfilled his obligations and both he and his representatives were given assurances that any suspension - again under the ECB's guidelines - could not affect his selection for the World Cup."

However, the public has been supportive of the board's decision since this kind of an incident can create a slight discomfort within the dressing room and can have a small dent in the team culture which is not something they need just before the big world cup in England where they start as favorites.