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By S Vikram | Sep 11, 2019 03:04 PM

The power of words can often be manipulated to various human interests both in positive and negative aspects. Today, the release of popular film's audio tracks and even an independent album set a new trend, especially with the usage of catchy and quirky words.

Pullaingo trends twitter-vijay’s bigil song lyrics

One of the top film stars in Tamil Nadu, Vijay has a massive fan base and the audio track of his upcoming film, Bigil sang by the man himself has taken the internet by storm ever since it was released. Lyricist Vivek who shot to fame with the humongous hit of "Alaporan Thamizhan" in 2017 film 'Mersal' wrote the song 'Verithanam' in Bigil which was composed by maverick A R Rahman.

One of the words from the song "Pullaingo" (folks) started trending on the microblogging site. There were a lot of tweets revolving around different interesting topics using the hashtag "Pullaingo". Some of the tweets are consolidated below.

In one of the tweets Lyricist, Vivek attached the screenshot of the 'Verithanam' song work email in response to the claim that the word 'Pullaingo' was copied from the cult independent hit album "Gumbala Suthuvom".

Vivek clarified that the song was written before the official video of 'Gumbala Suthuvom' was even released on YouTube by sharing the "Verithanam" work email screenshot.

In another tweet, WWE Superstar 'John Cena' name popped up. Interestingly, one of the Vijay fans tagged John Cena's name along with the 'Pullaingo' tag and claimed that John Cena has followed his profile along with the screenshot. There was also another Vijay fan who replied to the tweet that Cena also followed his profile.


The tag was also used for 'Onam Wishes' and a hilarious school answer sheet and various other buzzing topics.