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By S Vikram | Sep 25, 2019 05:53 PM

Tennis Star Sania Mirza got married to Shoaib Malik and the couple was blessed with a baby boy in 2018, October. The boy was later named as Izhaan. It has been close to a year since her pregnancy and delivery. Sania Mirza released two of her 'throwback workout videos' on instagram recently. She uploaded the first video yesterday ( September 24) and the second video today (September 25). Both the vidoes went viral on social media with thousands of views, likes and comments. 

Sania Mirza\'s 2 workout videos for moms on instagram, viral

For the first video Sania Mirza described about her weight loss journey and how difficult was it for women to recover from pregnancy. She wrote on her hard work, discipline and dedication that made lose 26 kilos in span of 4 months or so after her pregnancy. In fact accoding to her post, she had gained 23 kilos while she was pregnant.


We had documented little ‘tid bits from my post pregnancy journey back to being and feeling healthy and fit again .. I’ve been asked bout my ‘weight loss’ journey sooo many times .. how? When? Which? Where ? So I’ll try to post some of it here everyday or every few days .. I put on 23 kilos when I was pregnant and have managed to lose 26 in span of 4 months or so .. with a lot of hard work ,discipline and dedication .. I read msgs from women allll the time as to how they find it so difficult to come back to ‘normalcy’ after child birth and don’t take care of themselves or don’t find the motivation or inspiration .. Ladies, I just wanna say ... if I can do it then anyone else can too .. believe me that one hour or 2 hours a day to yourself will do wonders to you physically but sooo much mentally as well .. ❤️ remember - #Mummahustles 🙃 Ps- this is me after losing a bit of weight already after Izhaan was born .. roughly 2 and a half half months after I delivered ..

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Despite advices from a lot of women (who gave birth to babies) on the difficulties to maintain a physique after baby delivery, Sania Mirza wrote, she made it with all the effort and also encouraged other women to do so. At the end of the first video she wrote "Ps- this is me after losing a bit of weight already after Izhaan was born .. roughly 2 and a half half months after I delivered .."

For the second video, Sania Mirza wrote how difficult was it for her to tune her mindset to hit the gym. She added, though her body wanted to give up, it was her mind that kept her going. At the end of the second video, Sania wrote, "It is a process and once we accept that nothing can hold us back". The hashtag "mummahustles" was used for both the physical session videos.

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