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By Vaishvedhidha | May 10, 2019 08:33 PM

42-year-old Rajani, a woman from Vasai, spoke about her "life-changing transformation" from 200 KG to 86 KG and her quest to get into The Limca Book of Records, reports TOI. Dr Shashank Shah, the surgeon who performed bariatric or weight-loss surgery, claimed that she was the heaviest woman in Asia until she reduced to 86 KG.

Woman goes from 300 kg to 86 kg in 4 years - shares her story

At 6, she started gaining weight. At 16, she weighed 126 kg and found it difficult to carry out routine tasks. After she hit 300, she had to be constantly assisted, reports Indian Express.

A decade ago, she became bedridden due to obesity. Her trip to the hospital was the first time she stepped out of the house. “Once when I fell off the bed, it took six men and three hours to put me back up,” Amita said. A special ambulance was arranged in which a six-and-a-half-inch sofa was fitted to carry her to the hospital. She said, her 6-month-old nephew used to start crying at the sight of her.

Amita was shown to leading endocrinologists from India and the UK, but they were unable to find the exact cause of obesity. However, Dr Shashank Shah, a well-known bariatric surgeon from Pune, helped her battle the bulge. Shah prepared Amita for two months, thoroughly investigating her, and diagnosed her with super morbid obesity, deranged cholesterol, kidney dysfunction, type 2 diabetes and breathing problems, reports Indian Express.

“It was a high-risk case but we were optimistic. The procedure took only half-an-hour and within a few hours of the surgery, she was walking around on her own. She was determined and positive through it all,” Shah said.

"I'm in heaven now. I can wear what I want and eat normal food. After the surgery, I travelled across India," said Rajani.