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By Vaishvedhidha | May 01, 2019 05:15 PM

After not being able to conceive after undergoing birth control, woman allegedly killed a 7-month pregnant neighbour and slit opened the womb and pulled out the foetus. It was alleged that the accused committed the crime after a witch doctor asked her to do. The incident took place in the Punjab's Gurdaspur.

woman kills pregnant woman, pulls out foetus

According to Mirror Now reports, the accused pulled out the foetus because she wanted to nurse it as her own. The foetus died within minutes of the incident. She was allegedly helped by her husband and her family members in committing the alleged crime. She buried the foetus at her residence.

The deceased's body was kept in a box after the incident. She was planning on disposing the body later. The incident came to light after the deceased woman's husband lodged a missing complaint with the police. She was murdered the day she went missing.

Police filed case against the woman and her in-laws. The witch doctor was also booked. According to the Indian Express' reports, the police stated that the accused got married for the second time four years ago. The accused had four children from her first marriage. Before divorcing her first husband, the accused allegedly went through a tubectomy.

The witch doctor allegedly advised the accused to murder a pregnant woman and claim her foetus as her own. Following her advice, the accused woman invited the deceased woman to her house and allegedly murdered her. Five out of seven of the accused have been arrested.