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By Vinershea | Nov 22, 2019 03:39 PM

In a shocking case, a 32-year-old woman has been accused of not just killing her husband but burying his body under the kitchen slab where she hid the body for over a month.

Woman kills husband, buries him under kitchen continues to cook 

This incident took place in Madhya Pradesh's Anuppur district. According to India Today reports, this horrifying story dates back to October 22, the day when advocate Mahesh Banawal, 35, was reported missing.

The police had also registered a missing person complaint by Mahesh Banawal's wife Pramila but as the days passed, the story took a new turn for the police. On November 21, Mahesh's elder brother (Arjun) approached the police.

He told police that after his brother went missing in October. When the worried family reached Mahesh's house, they were turned away by his wife. "We have tried to go to our brother's house several times in the past one month but every time his wife turns us away hurling abuses at us while holding us responsible for Mahesh's disappearance," Arjun told the police, India Today further reported. 

Minutes later police came in action and rushed to Mahesh's house. On reaching they got a foul smell coming. "Once we realised that the foul smell was coming from inside the house, the entire place was searched. Finally, we zeroed on the kitchen slab as the source," SHO Amarkantak Bhanu Pratap Singh told media. 

As the search was going on, police found a decomposed body from under the kitchen slab; it was the same place where Pramila had been cooking for over a month. As the body was pulled out, Pramila alleged that her eldest brother-in-law Gangaram Banwal helped her commit the crime. But when, Gangaram was questioned- he denied his involvement in the murder. 

"She must have been assisted by someone. We are trying to find that," police further added. A case has been registered in this matter and further investigations are on.

Image Source: India Today

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