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By S Vikram | Nov 19, 2019 09:51 AM

A 24-year old man Amaran was brutally murdered near Cuddalore after he was granted bail in a murder case by Pondicherry court. The incident happened within minutes when Amaran and his relative halted the car near a Tasmac in Karunguli, Cuddalore district. 

Who is Rowdy Amaran? He was murdered within minutes

Who is Amaran?

Sundar and Murali were two rowdies who involved in money extortion from businessmen in Lawspet, Pondicherry. Due to some difference of opinion, Sundar gathered his forces including Amaran and murdered Murali on 15.2. 2017. After the investigation, Sundar, Amaran and 10 others were arrested and sent to jail.

On November 18 (Yesterday) evening, the Pondicherry court granted bail to Amaran and others who were arrested in the case. Therefore Amaran was released after two years and his relative from Thanjavur picked him up and they were on the way near Cuddalore at 9:30 PM.

At one point, the car was halted near a TASMC bar to buy liquor. While one person from the car went down to buy liquor, a group of 7 unknown people spotted Amaran, grabbed him out of the car and tore his body with a sickle. The group also murdered Amaran's companion who went to buy liquor and escaped the spot.

The police officers arrived at the spot and sent the bodies to Cuddalore Government Hospital for postmortem report. The incident has raised the eye-brows of police and investigations were rolled out to find out the reason for Amaran's Murder. Reports say that it would be an act of revenge.

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