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By Saradha | Jun 05, 2020 01:55 PM

The recent death of a pregnant elephant in Kerala caused widespread outrage in social media platforms. The reports initially said that it happened in Malappuram district, but recent reports reveal that the incident took place in Palakkad district. The cause of death was also discussed according to everyone's convenience. But the truth about the incident has come out now with two men from that area being picked up by police for enquiry.

Truth behind the Death of Elephant in Kerala; What really Happened?

What really Happened?

The villagers of Thiruvizhamkunnu in Palakkad district witnessed an unusual incident on the morning of May 25. Elephants generally enter the rubber plantations in the area but an elephant was standing in Velliyaar, a rivulet passing through the locality. They noticed that something was wrong with the elephant’s mouth and contacted the forest officers. 

"We tried to send the animal back to the forest and partially succeeded in getting it out of the river. However, it returned the next day and refused to leave. Hence, we had to take the help of the forest and veterinary officials. Then came the trained elephants for rescue. However, it died standing in the water on May 27," Sheemer, a native, told News18.

Following this, the postmortem of the animal had revealed shocking details on May 28. Apart from the cause of death, it revealed that she was pregnant and her lungs were filled with water.  Mohan Krishnan, a forest official from Palakkad division posted this on Facebook along with an emotional message. "She had eaten something similar to a pineapple with a firecracker inside. After the postmortem, the doctor, while trying to console himself, told me she was not alone. Though he wore a mask, I could realize his mood and what he meant exactly," said the officer in his post that later went viral.

Karuvakundu village in Malappuram district is situated close to this area. Although it is illegal, many state farmers in this area use firecrackers to chase away animals. 

As per reports, the elephant is suspected to have consumed the cracker- filled pineapple which was probably kept by the farmers in their farms in order to protect it from wild boars.

Chief Minister Pinarayi Vijayan told the media on Thursday evening that the self-respect of the state cannot be put at risk with wrong narratives on the elephant issue. "It is only a desire of a section to malign the prestige of the state earned by conquering Covid-19. The case is under investigation with a focus on three persons. The reference to Malappuram is with some agenda as you all may be well aware of," he said.

The Mannarkkad forest division is currently conducting an investigation on this case.

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