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TDP MLA sleeps in crematorium at night to allay ghost fears of workers

In an attempt to prove a point to construction workers who were scared of ‘ghosts’, a lawmaker from Telugu Desam Party in Andhra Pradesh was seen sleeping at a crematorium in Palakole. Nimmala Rama Naidu was involved in the act to convince the workers that there were no ghosts.

The workers refused to enter the crematorium for renovation works as they were scared of ghosts. The crematorium in the West Godavari district, which was neglected for years, got Rs 3 crore sanctioned for refurbishments. However, no contractor was ready to take up the work despite tenders.

While, finally, a contractor agreed to take up the renovation works, but the workers refused this time. That’s when the MLA, a crusader against superstition, decided to sleep at the crematorium for two to three days to prove that no ghost had attacked him. He even had dinner at the place before spending the night there.

Kerala Chief Minister Pinarayi Vijayan took to Twitter to praise Naidu for the daring act. He wrote, “TDP MLA Nimmala Rama Naidu deserves praise for spending a night at a crematorium where workers had refused to enter after dark to do modernisation work out of fear of ‘spirits’.”



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