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By Vaishvedhidha | May 02, 2019 05:09 PM

Medical college students in Andhra Pradesh's Eluru were protesting peacefully against the college after they were denied summer holidays by the college administration. The administrators allegedly called the police to "control" the students, which is when things took a turn.

Police attacks college girl during protest demanding summer holidays

A video during the protest shared on Twitter by a user shows a group of female students, whose faces are wrapped in a dupatta approaching a police officer and speaking to him. During the confrontation, another man dressed in mufti, later identified to be a police driver, is seen taking a video with a cell phone, even as the students say, "no photos."

One of the students snatches the phone fromm him and a policewoman tries to grab the phone from her. But soon, the man is seen grabbing the girl and pulling her close to him in a very aggressive manner. She is then quickly whisked away by the police and the college administration.

According to The News Minute reports, the student was then allegedly isolated from the other students for a few hours and threatened by the college management. “They told her that they would file an FIR against her and that she would face dire consequences if she didn’t keep quiet,” alleged one student.

“An officer took a video of her as she was crying and spoke harshly to her. They told her that now her life was over and that there was no use in her degree." They also alleged that three male students were assaulted by police. “Another male student was also taken aside by the police and they spoke to him in a rash and unparliamentary manner,” added another student.

Eluru DSP told The News Minute that “There was a policewoman there, please see the video properly. They just grabbed the phone from her hand and the student happened to get hurt.”

Chairman of Telangana Junior Doctors Association said that the association was demanding for immediate action and punishment to be taken and also appealed to the Medical Council of India (MCI) to take strict action against the colleges.