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By Vaishvedhidha | Apr 18, 2019 11:02 PM

Phase 2 elections in India was held on April 18. A lot of people voted and some were disappointed knowing they couldn’t vote due to various reasons. Over all, the Election Commission has announced that elections were held peacefully and that it went well.

Newlyweds turn polling booth into photospot

However, with every event, we get to see various funny or uncommon things happening. In once such incident, this couple who got married on April 18, Election Day, came to vote and they kind of did a mini photo session as they came right after their wedding to vote in their wedding attire.

Earlier today, a couple from Virudhu Nagar and a couple from Jammu and Kashmir also came in their wedding attire right after their wedding to cast their votes. While their pictures were shared, it showed the importance for people about how important it is to vote.

This couple came in their wedding attire and had their photographer click their important day as they did their duty. For a while, the polling booth became their happy little photo spot as they casted their vote and got clicked as they did it. The images came out looking like a good photoshoot.